Ukraine crisis

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Studying during the Ukraine crisis

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How you contact us on issues concerning the Ukraine crisis!

  • HTW Berlin supports its students as well as those affected by the war.
  • You are welcome to contact us by email in case of challenges or also for offers of help:

Fundamental stance

  • HTW Berlin condemns in the strongest possible terms the military aggression against Ukraine, which is contrary to international law and the fundamental values to which the university subscribes.

  • With the Russian attack on Ukraine, not only the institutional relations of HTW Berlin are affected and damaged, but also collegial and human relations. The university expressly regrets this.
  • HTW Berlin is coordinating measures with other institutions involved (universities, DAAD, the Berlin Senate, ...) and providing concrete assistance. Support services are currently being prepared. They include provisions for the admission of refugees, who will be assisted as they continue their studies.


  • HTW Berlin offers the broadest possible support of all kinds to affected students and staff.

  • Intensive preparations are being made to offer affected Ukrainians study options.

  •  The website of the Berlin Senate offers a very good overview of assistance for refugees from Ukraine.
  • For offers of assistance in cooperation/connection with the university, please contact us by email at:

Cooperation with Russian institutions

  • Collaborations with Russian institutions are currently suspended and undergoing re-evaluation.

  • This includes student exchanges or funding of student, researcher and teacher mobilities as well as the movement of other university staff in both directions.

  • HTW students from Russia are not affected by these measures.

Health / assistance