International BAföG

Under certain circumstances, funding for an internship outside Germany can be awarded under the scope of the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG). The application for International BAföG (Auslands-BAföG) should be made at least six months before the intended travel period. Applications are to be made to the BaföG office responsible for the country in which the student wishes to complete their internship. It can take up to six months to process the application. The application must be submitted at the start of the internship phase at the latest, as an application cannot be granted retrospectively.

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  • Maximum age for applicants studying on a Bachelor's degree (at the point of application): 30
  • Maximum age for applicants studying on a Master's degree (at the point of application): 35  (exceptions are possible)
  • Applicants should be German nationals. In certain exceptional cases,  non-German nationals with commitment to remaining in Germany may be considered. Non-German applicants must present a high level of social integration (exact information regarding this status is available from the BAföG offices or from the freedial BAföG hotline 0800-223 63 41).

The study and examination regulations for every course at the HTW Berlin stipulates the completion of an obligatory internship of at least 12 weeks (and a maximum of twelve months) in duration. Should students wish to complete their internship abroad, this work experience must contribute to the degree course and be at least partially equivalent to an internship conducted in Germany. Please consult the internship representative for your degree course.


In accordance with the study regulations, International BAföG is granted for the whole duration of the obligatory internship. In addition to the payments made to students not resident with their parents or guardians, funding will include a lump sum payment to cover the cost of travel. This amounts to 500 Euros for travel to and from the country in which the internship is conducted (for locations in Europe) and 1000 Euros for locations outside Europe. Funding includes a further payment to cover the costs of international health insurance. The exact amount provided is subject to individual assessment and may only cover a certain proportion of the final costs. We recommend that students apply for these extra grants as a single lump sum. Otherwise, the monies will be added to your monthly funding. The funding takes the form of a grant (50%) and a non-interest bearing loan. Supplementary funding for internships abroad does not need to be repaid. Funding for a self-contained period of study abroad will be granted for a maximum of twelve months.