Research service for university members

The Cooperation Centre for Applied Sciences (KONTAKT) provides a research and transfer service within the university. Its main objective is to offer flexible support to researchers at HTW Berlin and to facilitate cooperation between HTW Berlin and its partners.The Cooperation Centre for Applied Sciences...

  • offers comprehensive information on potential sources of funding at the national level and within the European Union and supports researchers with acquiring public and private third-party funding,
  • assists with establishing and managing cooperation agreements – right from the initial partnership considerations through to the signed terms of cooperation,
  • advises on issues concerning patents and licenses,
  • provides advice and support with using the research database my.HTW, in particular with regard to the internal research evaluation report of HTW Berlin,
  • advises researchers at HTW Berlin on planning and staging academic events,
  • manages the central budget for trade fairs,
  • is responsible for collecting research data for external and internal performance data reports and evaluation reports.