Research profile

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Application-oriented with a strong relation to practice

HTW Berlin is engaged in primarily application- and practice-oriented research and development. Supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, our researchers work on over 200 research projects every year. The wide range of subject areas at the university fosters transdisciplinary approaches and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Five focus areas

Five core topic areas have crystallised from our research work at HTW Berlin. Our research activities seek to address the challenges of a climate-friendly energy supply, modern health research, the digital economy and creative industries, the future of industry and the working environment, and the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage.

Interdisciplinary research clusters and research groups

A total of ten multidisciplinary research teams are established as research clusters at HTW Berlin, each of which is represented by a spokesperson. A diverse portfolio of research services is offered by the members of the research clusters.