Research profile

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Diversity with a clear focus

Research and technology transfer are important driving forces behind economic and social development. They are an integral part of HTW Berlin’s approach and are key to its success. Supported by strong links to practice, our research activities ensure excellence in the qualifications offered by HTW Berlin. Applied research generates innovative solutions, products and services. It improves processes and applications in a wide range of fields, reflecting the university’s multifaceted and open research culture.

Research and education synergies

HTW Berlin integrates research into its degree programmes by incorporating selected subjects into project work or final theses. Applied and contract research are organised with the aim of optimising processes and products as well as developing innovative concepts. Many of these activities result in new inventions and patents.

Research involvement

Research involvement, profiling and cooperation with networks and companies are constantly increasing the standing of HTW Berlin within the national and international research community. A wide range of research activities are provided by individual researchers, small project groups and multidisciplinary research teams — including companies from various sectors – working on a variety of research issues.