Research strategy

Table of contents

Improving and promoting research

HTW Berlin considers research to be a core activity and a key factor for success. The university’s research strategy defines quantitative and qualitative targets and provides a set of measures for achieving these objectives. Outstanding framework conditions, specific incentives and sustainable funding are designed to motivate and support researchers.

Guiding principles

Research and development at HTW Berlin…

  • promote excellence in teaching to guarantee a supply of well-qualified graduates to meet the needs of society and industry
  • represent the link between academia and practice
  • make an important contribution to HTW Berlin’s image and identity
  • form part of HTW Berlin’s responsibility towards the regional environment
  • are a key requirement for performance-related university financing
  • are a prerequisite for qualitative excellence in Master’s degree programmes
  • represent the starting point for doctoral studies


  • Fostering visibility by focusing on research clusters
  • Establishing key fields of research
  • Intensifying activities in contract research and business partnerships
  • Increasing the number of professors engaged in research and development
  • Increasing the number of scientific publications
  • Increasing the number of scientific staff
  • Actively facilitating graduation of eligible HTW students at doctoral level
  • Establishing graduate schools in cooperation with universities
  • Securing more third-party funding


To achieve this, HTW Berlin is pursuing the following set of measures:

  • Establishing research clusters and specialisations
  • Developing research concepts
  • Extending cooperation partnerships with industry
  • Strengthening national and international research networks
  • Reducing the teaching workload of professors active in research
  • Allocating internal resources to support research projects
  • Co-financing infrastructure through internal research funds
  • Providing scientific staff to support researchers at HTW Berlin and providing research facilities.