Research strategy

HTW Berlin recognises six strategic fields of action that are of central importance for its research and positioning as a sustainable, high-impact research University of Applied Sciences:

Supporting research

Professors and research assistants, students and doctoral candidates are the source for the development of relevant research questions, the elaboration of innovative methods and the generation of new knowledge. It is therefore important to support researchers in the best possible way, to recognise their academic achievements and to broaden the scope for their research activities.

Further developing structures

An important task of research funding will be to increase the diversity of disciplines even further, thus exploiting its potential. For this reason, structures and event offerings that strengthen and promote cooperation across disciplines and disciplinary boundaries are the focus of the university’s attention.

Expanding networking and cooperations

HTW Berlin integrates science, business, politics and civil society within its research activities and complements its own competences through cooperation with appropriate actors. Particular focus is placed on the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg, while cooperations in the national, European and international research area contribute simultaneously to the university’s supraregional profile and visibility.

Promoting young academics

Promoting young academics is a particular concern of the university. HTW Berlin is committed to providing students and doctoral candidates active in research with an excellent standard of supervision, as well as to guaranteeing the quality of academic training.

Intensifying scientific communication and increasing visibility

Contemporary scientific communication helps to ensure that research results can be both recognized and discussed. It overcomes barriers to understanding between science and society and opens up access to decision-makers from the fields of politics, administration and business. This is because the proposal of future responses to current issues must also be communicated, assimilated and subject to further analysis.

Strengthening Open Science

Research at HTW Berlin is guided by the principles of Open Science and takes into account its principles of equity, diversity, equality, inclusivity and accessibility in all areas of scientific activity.