Research clusters


Through interdisciplinary teamwork, the "Health" research cluster develops products, processes, concepts and services for better health.

Scientist at the pipetting robot in the laboratory complex "Life Science"

Environment-friendly Energy Supply Systems and Energy-efficient Buildings

The researchers in the "Environmentally Friendly Energy Supply Systems and Energy-efficient Buildings" research cluster develop ideas for environmentally friendly ways to transform our energy supply.


Culture and Computer Science

The "Culture and Computer Science" research cluster investigates the potential uses of information and communication technology for culture and creative industries.

A gesture-controlled quadrocopter, which was created in the project Creative Media


The work of the "SOFTINE" research cluster focuses on environmentally friendly and efficient ways to design operational production processes supported by modern information and communication technology.


Creative Computing

The “Creative Computing” research cluster team focuses on the generation, editing, analysis and use of images and videos.

Kai-Uwe Barthel

Game Changer

The "Game Changer" research cluster is dedicated to digital games and interactive game systems.

Screenshot from the digital training game T.R.A.C.Y, scene "Find the fire"

Technologies and Solutions for Industrial and Demographic Change

Based on an interdisciplinary approach and the analysis of regional potentials, the IDC cluster aims to address challenges presented by the industrial and demographic changes that are currently taking place throughout the world.

Researcher tests a rollator

Islamic Culture

The "Islamic Culture" research cluster focuses on the protection, preservation and management of cultural heritage from the Islamic world, supporting its conservation and reconstruction with a range of specialist skills.

Surveying the architecture of the citadel of Aleppo using a laser scanner

Money, Finance, Trade and Development

Researchers in the "Money, Finance, Trade and Development" research cluster focus on the causes of the financial crisis, appropriate ways to restore the macroeconomic equilibrium and the challenges for the global economy posed by the rise of emerging markets.

Statistic charts on a table

Sustainable Smart Cities

The members of the Sustainable Smart Cities research cluster are united in their vision of a sutainable, digital city. They take a holistic approach, transcending disciplinary boundaries.