Research focus

Five major challenges

Five major future topics have defined the focus of research activities at HTW Berlin in recent years. Individual researchers, small project groups and multidisciplinary research teams dedicate themselves to these topics with a wide variety of approaches. Some conduct research on how to improve healthcare, others investigate the optimal use of renewable energies and improved energy efficiency. Research is also conducted on the potential uses of digital media in cultural and creative industries as well as solutions for the future of industry and working environment.

Digital Industries – Creative Industries

Research in this area focuses on developing innovative applications and digital business models as well as digital literacy in the field of digital transformation and communication, design, media and cultural industries.

Fashion dolls

Health Economy – Life Science

Researchers at HTW Berlin develop innovative and environmentally-friendly medical and biotechnology products and services designed to improve the quality of life. They also investigate production and diagnostic methods for applications in the health sector.

Scientist controls icebox

Future of Industry and Working Environment

Research activities focus on new products, production technologies and forms of organisation as offered by digitalisation and new materials. They improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability but also lead to new forms of work and new demands on people at work.

Digital Lean and Technology Application Labs at HTW Berlin

Renewable Energy – Energy Efficiency

Research in this area is dedicated to the sustainable and climate-friendly supply of energy. Key issues include climate-friendly construction, facility management, ecological mobility and energy-efficient production processes. Process optimisation and new production technologies in the field of renewable energies are also highly significant for this focus.

Solar cells on the Wilhelminenhof Campus

Cultural World Heritage

The focus of this research area is on the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage, including artefact and collection management, digitalisation of cultural heritage, museum communication, museum education and design, preventive conservation, restoration and field archaeology.