Elective courses (Acceptance Not Guaranteed - subject to faculty's capacity)

Table of contents

Advanced Control Engineering

Credits 5 ECTS                                          

Learning Outcomes and Competences:

Understanding the key concepts and methods of advanced control engineering, such as model-based design, pole placement, observer design, observer based state-space controller, and Kalman filter design. Ability to apply the methods to develop model-based control systems for real world problems.


- Review classic control methods

- Introduction in time discrete control

- Linear algebra review

- State-space models

 - Continuous-time linear state-space models

 - Discrete-time linear state-space models

 - Canonical forms

 - Controllability, observability

 - Pole placement method

 - Linear quadratic regulator approach

 - Observer design (full and reduced models)

 - Computer aided system design using Matlab

 - Controller validation with assessment criteria

Plant Engineering and Construction

Credits 5 ECTS

Learning Outcomes and Competences: This module enables the latest topics in electrical engineering to be integrated into lectures. It is generally designed in collaboration with industry or other research institutions.


- Plant design phases

- Cost estimation and contract negotiation

- Risk management - Project management

- Time-line & cost tracking

- Contract management

- Sub-contracting & EPCs

- Acceptance Test – Safety


Credits 5 ECTS                                                               


- Passive building elements: (discrete and integrated building elements), ohmic resistance, coil and capacity

- Semiconductor technologies: terms and principles of IC design and production, pn junction, semiconductor technologies

- Active building elements: bipolar transistor, CMOS transistor

- Principles of analogue technology: basic circuits, biasing, static and dynamic behaviour, 2-port network theory, simulation techniques