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Who is required to enrol in courses?

  • In your first semester, you will automatically be admitted to all compulsory courses, including foreign language courses, according to the sample plan if you are studying full-time. You are responsible for enrolling in supplementary or elective modules.
  • From the second semester onwards, you must enrol in all courses, language courses and supplementary modules yourself.
  • If you are studying part-time, you are responsible for compiling your own study plan.
  • If you are enrolled in a part-time or postgraduate programme at the Division of Continuing Education (ZbwS), you do not need to enrol on the courses yourself. You will be enrolled automatically.

Course enrolment is divided into four phases. Please note that you are not automatically accepted for a place on the course after enrolling.

Phase 1: registration of enrolment requests

Enrolment period in the summer semester 2024:
13.03. - 19.03.2024

Places are allocated regardless of when you register your booking requests in the LSF. In this phase, you can change your enrolment requests as many times as you wish by registering for or cancelling your attendance on the respective courses. For certain groups, special regulations exist.

The pilot test to optimize occupancy has ended and was not adopted permanently. This means that all modules will be taken into account again for each allocation of places.


Phase 2: automatic place allocation (admission or rejection)

Enrolment period in the summer semester 2024:
20.03. - 22.03.2024

During this time, the enrolment functions are blocked for students. The faculty administration offices are processing special cases (until 19.03.) and preparing the automatic allocation of places (22.03.). The places are allocated by computer. If there are fewer places than registrations for a course, the decision is made by drawing lots. The following ranks apply:

  • Rank 1: Students in whose degree programme the course is offered and who are enrolling in the course in the designated semester
  • Rank 2: Repeat enrollees
  • Rank 3: Students in whose degree programme the course is offered but who are not enrolling in the course in the designated semester
  • Rank 4: Students from other degree programmes

You can only find out about the current status of your enrolment in the LSF. Your enrolment status is marked as follows in your personal timetable:

  • AN (REG): Enrolment request registered. You do not yet have a place on the course.
  • ZU (PER): Enrolment request permitted. Please note that, at this stage, it is not yet confirmed whether or not you will also be able to register for the corresponding examination.
  • AB (REJ): Enrolment request rejected. You can submit a new enrolment request. When doing so, please take the current enrolment figures for the course into account.

Phase 3: allocation of remaining places and enrolment cancellation in the LSF

Enrolment period in the summer semester 2024:
23.03. - 19.04.2024 (several allocation rounds in between)

To apply for remaining places, please submit enrolment requests again. There is no automatic clearing process. You are kindly asked to deallocate places in the LSF that you have received as part of the automatic place allocation and no longer need. These places can then be given to other students. If you have not received a place by the end of the phase, please contact your department. You can find the contact person on your department's website under "Studieren > Kursbelegung". We will try to find a good solution.


Phase 4: special provision for the late awarding of grades

Enrolment period in the summer semester 2024:
20.04. - 30.04.2024

Your grades from the second examination period of the previous semester may be awarded until 28.04.2024. If you have to repeat a course due to a failed examination in the second examination period, you can request that your faculty administration office enrols you on a course until 30.04.2024. However, this presupposes that

  • the grade was actually awarded after the end of the enrolment deadline (19.04.2024); if necessary, proof must be provided.
  • the teaching and examination concept of the course allows a later admission.

More information (in German) can be found on the websites of the faculty administration offices:
Faculty 1 | Faculty 2 | Faculty 3 | Faculty 4 | Faculty 5

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