Registering for examinations

Table of contents

Compulsory registration

Before you are permitted to sit an examination for your attended study programme, you must first register in the LSF. Registration is compulsory for

  • all examination forms (e.g. written examinations, presentations, assignments, projects and sewing work).
  • graded and undifferentiated assessments.

Examination and registration periods

You can decide which of the two examination periods you wish to register for in summer semester 2024. You can also choose both if you want to repeat exams or if only the 2nd examination period suits you better, timewise.

First examination period
  • Registration period: 10th to 25th June 2024 (official deadline)
  • Examination period: 15th Januar to 03th August 2024
Second examination period
  • Registration period: 02th to 10th September 2024 (official deadline)
  • Examination period: 23th September to 05th Oktber 2024

Online registration via the LSF

  • For examinations you must always register online via the LSF portal during the registration periods.
  • Online registration is binding: after the registration period has ended, it is no longer possible to register or de-register for an examination.
  • For module examinations with multiple examination components, registration covers all components taking place in that examination period.
  • Please check at an early stage whether your HTW account is working and whether you have correctly registered or de-registered for all examinations. If you are unable to log in, submit a Wiederherstellungsauftrag [PDF] (reactivation request). In order to check the status of your examinations in the LSF, go to "Info on Exams (internships)". If anything is incorrect, please immediately contact your team at the Student Services Office.

A step-by-step guide to registering for examinations in the LSF (only available in German)  can be found on the website of the Information Technology Centre.

Written registration for examinations

If no more modules are offered for the examination regulations of your study programme, you cannot register online in the LSF for examinations. This is the case if

  • you are behind with your studies.
  • you wish to take equivalent examinations in other study programmes. This is only possible on the condition that the lecturer, programme manager and the chairperson of the examination board for the study programme in which you wish to take the examination all agree by signature.

Submit the Examination registration form [PDF] in writing to your team at the Student Services Office. The registration periods are the same as for the online registration via the LSF.

Failure to register

The registration deadlines for examinations are official deadlines. This means that it is not possible to register later on. If you have missed the deadline for reasons beyond your control, you should immediately submit a written examination registration request to the relevant member of staff in the Examinations Office with the following information:

  • Explanation and proof of your reasons for missing the deadline
  • Module and/or examination number
  • Name of the examination (module name)
  • Lecturer
  • Examination date
  • Handwritten signature

Foreign languages / selection of variants

Make sure you select the right foreign languages variant for you. After registration, the options for changing your variant are limited and can only be undertaken in consultation with the Examinations Office. The Framework Regulations for Study Programmes and Examinations do not permit passed language courses to be exchanged, even for a higher language level.

Examination registration for study programmes in the Division of Continuing Education (ZbwS)

You are automatically registered for the first and second examination period for all modules that you are taking.

Procedure for ConREM and Landscape Archaeology

Students on the

  • Construction and Real Estate Management Master’s study programme are automatically registered for all module examinations. It is not possible to register for examinations via the LSF.
  • Landscape Archaeology Master’s study programme are only required to register for supplementary module examinations (AWE) via the LSF. Registration is automatic for all other module examinations.