Human Resources

It  is responsible for the following areas:

  • Individual employee matters
    All matters relating to employment.
  • Human resources development
    Ongoing professional development.
  • Family Support Centre
    Advises and informs students and employees of the university on all issues related to combining studies, work and family.
  • Recruitment
    Recruitment of employees for third-party funded/research projects or budget-funded positions.
  • Controlling/statistics
    Current data and forecast data based on the employee data of HTW Berlin.
  • Family benefits
    Payment of child benefit (Kindergeld) for employees with “Beamte/Beamtinnen” status and salaried employees of HTW Berlin.
  • Work-related travel
    Travel for work-related purposes outside of the place of employment.
  • Occupational health management
    Promotion of health in the workplace.
  • General matters
    General issues relating to public sector law, salary law and collective bargaining law and other public service legislation.
  • Management of human resources
    Work organisation, description of duties, organisational chart.
  • Fee-based contracts and contracts for services
    Contracts with freelancers and external service providers for the provision of short-term services.