Accidents and insurance

Insured accidents at work

All accidents at work are insured, including accidents that occur in connection with studying. An accident at work is defined as an injury that is suffered by a person who is covered by the accident insurance policy while carrying out an insured activity that is caused by the effects of a sudden external event. Poisoning, burns, chemical burns and other forms of harm that occur through extended exposure are only deemed as a work accident if the exposure time does not exceed eight hours (Section 8 no. 1 of the German Social Code (SGB) VII). Work accidents also include injury suffered by an insured person
•    on an insured journey,
•    during university sports activities (company sports activities) and
•    during any other insured activity (pursuant to Section 2 SGB VII).

Accidents requiring medical attention

If you have had an accident that occurred in connection with your studies or work and you need medical attention, you should try to see a doctor specialising in work-related accidents (Durchgangsartz). You are obliged to report any such accidents. To do this, please use the provided form and send a hard copy to the Safety Engineer: