Staff Council

The Staff Council is elected by the staff members of HTW Berlin. A meeting for members of staff is held at least once a year and always at the end of the year. The Staff Council reports at the meeting about its activities during the past year.


First Deputy Chairperson

Second Deputy Chairperson

Jana Brackrock
 +49 30 5019-2487
 Fernstudium und Weiterbildung


Dagmar Minnich
 +49 30 5019-2492
 Fundraiserin und Leiterin Deutschlandstipendium
Sabine Sissy-Maria Claßnitz
 +49 30 5019-3622
 Kultur und Informatik
Projekt "DiKuBiS" und "cAPITs"
Ingo Kuschel
 +49 30 5019-2861
 Geschäftsstelle HRZ
André Lausch
 +49 30 5019-4333