Having doubts about your studies?

Are you unsure whether what you’re studying is right for you - either right now or from time to time? According to nationwide university surveys, over half of all students question their study situations at least occasionally during the course of their studies. So you’re not alone - this is a common theme. Reasons for having doubts can vary widely.                                            

Table of contents

Difficulties with study organisation

Getting used to studying independently and familiarising yourself with your degree programme can present a challenge. If, for example, you’ve been unable to take part in some courses and examinations or have lost track of your modules, this can easily lead to a delay in your studies. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your degree programme is wrong for you or that you shouldn’t be studying. We’re happy to advise you and help you...

  • to get back on track with your studies or, if you need any organisational assistance, you can contact the Student Advisory Service at any time. The team there offers support and assistance, e.g. with drawing up a new study plan.     
  • Each degree programme also has student advisors who are responsible for supporting students in the event of difficulties with the content and organisation of their studies. You can find the contact details on the degree programme page under the “People” tab.

Doubts about the subject

Are you having doubts about whether your chosen degree programme still suits your needs and interests? Do you sometimes think about changing degree programme, changing university or even dropping out? Students who are considering changing their degree programme or discontinuing their studies can contact the Student Advisory Service to clarify whether they want to continue with their current degree programme or take a new direction. We can run through all the alternatives together. We don’t mind whether you end up continuing your studies or enrolling on a completely different training course or taking time out - as long as you find the option which is right for you.                                                                

Do you want to address these doubts and questions on your own first? You can use the following online tools for this:                                                                                                       

Study requirements and academic pressure

Every degree programme can feel difficult from time to time. Complex course content and examination pressure can lead to students feeling overwhelmed and with doubts about studying. Do you like your degree programme, but do you still feel overwhelmed at times? Perhaps the following services will help you:                                                                                     

  • Intra-faculty tutorials
  • Services offered by the Learning Centre of HTW Berlin (e.g. online maths courses and/or coaching sessions on improving writing skills)
  • Services offered by the StudierendenWERK Berlin (e.g. on time management, presentation techniques, semester papers and other academic work)
  • Each degree programme has a student advisor who is also available to answer specific questions or address difficulties experienced in the context of the degree programme. The contact person is listed on each degree programme website under the “People” tab.

If you feel overwhelmed all the time or over a longer period, you are also welcome to talk to the team at the Psychological Counselling Service and/or sign up for their webinars (on procrastination, exam nerves, self-satisfaction, etc.)

Too little money and time

Studying full-time and working and/or looking after your family at the same time? A lack of financial security and/or care work often constitute a massive burden. Reconciling family/work and studies is definitely not easy, and there is help and support available!

  • The HTW Family Support Centre advises students with caring and/or nursing responsibilities on issues regarding the compatibility of studies, career and family as well as those related to possible financial subsidies or external advisory services.          
  • The Social Counselling Service of StudierendenWERK Berlin provides support in the event of financial difficulties and its team has an encyclopaedic knowledge of social entitlements and grants. It is possible to apply for state grants for full-time and part-time study, allowing students to study in a more relaxed manner.

Personal and health issues

Is everything just too much? Studying can be stressful, just as life alongside studying can be challenging. Pressure to perform and expectations make it even more difficult to focus on your studies.

Uncertainty around career opportunities

Are you right in the middle of your studies and have a good idea of where you want to go professionally, but aren’t sure whether your current degree programme can get you there? The Career Services offers individual one-to-one coaching sessions as well as information events and workshops on all aspects of starting a career.