Psychological counselling

Making an appointment

The Counselling Service is here to help you address personal or emotional issues during your time at HTW.

To make an appointment, please contact us by email.


Please note that, currently, all appointments are via video call or phone.

Availability in October

Please note that the Psychological Counselling Service will bot be available for phone calls or appointments on the following dates:

October 18th and 19th (Monday and Tuesday)

October 25th and 26th (Monday and Tuesday)

Emails and calls will be replied to on the following Wednesdays.

If you find yourself in an acute crisis on those days, please contact the Krisendienst or the Psychological Counselling service of the Studierendenwerk.

Counselling and support

In your daily life as a student you will find yourself faced with many challenges, not only academically but also personally. Some students may experience periods of difficulty, problems with concentration, feelings of being overwhelmed and/or anxiety. Support for such problems is available from our psychological counsellors. In a confidential setting, you can talk about study-related problems and areas of personal conflict. Your psychological counsellor will talk through your problems with you and help you to find solutions. Don't hesitate to ask for an individual counselling appointment.

Upcoming events and workshops

A range of events and workshops are available to help you build skills to respond to the demands of life at university.

We offer several events in German as well as in English. The dates and topics are updated every month, so keep checking this page for updates.

The upcoming events for this semester (winter 2021/2):

21.10.2021 Organisiert und motiviert ins Studium starten

11.11.2021  Entspannt und achtsam durchs Semester

18.11.2021 Relaxation and mindfulness throughout the semester

Counselling areas

As it is often difficult to separate between study-related issues and personal problems, our counselling services cover a broad range of areas. Common reasons for counselling include fear of exams and tests, chronic procrastination, difficulties with self-organisation, concentration problems, learning problems, frequent feelings of being overwhelmed, dissatisfaction with studies, chronic exhaustion, persistent depression, anxiety, recurrent conflicts in relationships, social difficulties, crisis situations and addiction problems. You can seek support from our counsellors at any time during your studies.

Individual counselling

During one or more sessions with a psychologist, you can talk about the difficulties you are currently experiencing. The discussions will focus on your problems and on finding individual solutions. If necessary, additional help also can be organised. Although we do not offer psychotherapy, we can provide information about suitable forms of therapy. Appointments can be easily arranged by email or telephone at relatively short notice.

Workshops and group counselling

Throughout every semester, we offer workshops, presentations and group events concerning psychological topics related to your studies. These include strategies to enhance self and time management, overcome procrastinationand work on mental wellbeing.

All group events and workshops are currently held in an online format.

Check this site regularly for our updated events in English.