Family Support Centre

The Family Support Centre at HTW Berlin advises and informs on all issues related to combining studies, work and family. It is the main point of contact for students and employees with family obligations, for example childcare or looking after relatives. The Family Support Centre works internally within the university to ensure more family-friendly conditions for studying, examinations and working.

Caring for relatives

Looking after family members is part of daily life for many people. It can be challenging to combine work or studies with the demands of caring for relatives. Guidance and support is available from the Family Support Centre. Employees can also contact the HR Department, e.g. for questions regarding time off and leave.

Family information circular

If you would like to find out more about combining studies, work and family at HTW Berlin, you can subscribe to the email circular of the Family Support Centre (in German).

"Family in the University" Charter

HTW Berlin has signed the Family in the University Charter (Charta Familie in der Hochschule) and is committed to the following objectives:

  1. Improving the compatibility of work and family through provisions for flexible working hours and workplace organisation
  2. Ensuring family-friendly study programme organisation through preferential course registration, alternative examination forms or part-time study options
  3. Developing the range of childcare services by setting up the university’s own day care centre with a capacity for 70 children in cooperation with Studentenwerk Berlin
  4. Embedding a family focus in the requirements profile of managers and HR staff
  5. Networking through involvement in the “Berliner Bündnis für Familie” (Berlin Alliance for Families)