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Day care centre of Studierendenwerk Berlin

Studierendenwerk Berlin operates a day care centre (Kita) near the Treskowallee campus. The day care centre offers places for up to 70 children aged from eight weeks up until school age. In addition to light, modern rooms, the day care centre also has its own playground. Priority is given to members of HTW Berlin when allocating places.

Children’s room & family room

There is a children's room and family room on the Treskowallee campus and the Wilhelminenhof campus. You can use this room for feeding your baby, changing nappies or relaxing with your children. Short-term childcare is also available in these rooms.

Flexible childcare – emergency care

If you have been unable to arrange childcare or your childcare has been cancelled at short notice and you have an important appointment or event, for example a presentation, examination, lecture or work-related obligation, HTW Berlin will support you with flexible childcare for children aged from eight weeks up until the age of 10. Children will be provided with up to four hours of care at a time. The childcare is provided in the children’s room & family room at HTW Berlin.

Emergency situations are:

  • Short-term and non-contagious illness of your child
  • Unexpected cancellation of your usual childcare (day care, school, after-school care, childminder, babysitter, etc.)
  • Short-term irregular working hours, overtime or standing in for colleagues outside of regular childcare hours
  • Unforeseeable participation in academic conferences, committee work or showcase events at short notice
  • Unforeseeable need to perform additional duties

Please send appropriate proof by email to the Family Support Centre:

  • Reason for childcare, e.g. excerpt of timetable from the LSF or letter from the department or faculty
  • Date and time of childcare
  • Surname and first name of the child and university member
  • Enrolment certificate

Please fill out the Kinderwelt online form at least one week before the required childcare. Please be aware that childcare capacities are limited and there may be shortages at the start of the semester in April and October. If childcare is required at very short notice (within less than 48 hours), please contact Kinderwelt GmbH first. As soon as we have received all the necessary documents, the Family Support Centre and Kinderwelt GmbH will decide whether childcare is possible and to what extent.

Personal contribution:

  • €3 per hour for students
  • €5 per hour for employees
  • If no proof of necessity can be provided, the full cost of childcare must be covered by the parents.

This childcare is possible for individual days and cannot replace a kindergarten place. Permanent and continuous childcare cannot be provided.

Please note Kinderwelt’s terms and conditions of cancellation. Free cancellation of an arranged childcare slot is possible up to 1 week (168 hours) before the scheduled start of childcare. For cancellations received after this, the cost of the full service will be charged to the parents.

There is no binding entitlement for your childcare application to be approved. Due to the limited number of available hours, application approvals can only be issued if sufficient childcare hours are available and all parents can participate appropriately and fairly.

Childcare with voiio

Voiio's virtual events are an alternative leisure program. The fully digitally handled workshops offer parents a helpful support in the home office - because there are no boredom with over 20 different courses and weekly changing content. All virtual events from voiio are free for registered members and can be found in the timetable.

A virtual learning support with daily changing subjects and weekly new topics consolidates the basic rules in German, mathematics and English. These offers can also be found in a timetable.

Many students and employees with children are faced with special challenges during school holidays. We are pleased to be able to offer our employees and students support with planning their children’s school holidays with our partner voiio. HTW Berlin is committed to making it easier to combine family life, work and studies.

Employees and students of HTW Berlin can now book quality-tested day trips, weekly activities and holiday camps at reduced prices with a reliable provider. The holiday programmes are suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 13. The option of additional childcare bridging hours and short travel times guarantee stress-free working days during the school holidays.

Simply register with your HTW Berlin email address at

or call the voiio team directly: (030) 67795051.

With voiio assist child care, you have the opportunity to use your familiar and trusted private babysitter in the case of company-related childcare bottlenecks or during an emergency in your studies.
You can get more information about this by email at