Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) form an innovative component of the current generation of Erasmus+ Programmes from 2021-2027. They offer students and teachers new and creative possibilities in international educational cooperation and participation in collaboratively conceived courses. The combination of short-term international exchange and cooperative online learning across institutions lies at the core of any BIP.


  • participation of at least 3 universities from 3 different countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme.
  • a short stay of 5 to 30 days with physical presence at one of the participating universities in combination with a virtual COIL learning phase of no prescribed duration (before, during, or after)
  • participation of at least 15 mobile students with at least 3 ECTS credits accredited per person by their local university
  • BIP can either be embetted in an existing curriculum or offered separately as a specific programme
  • the host university receives sponsorship for the organisation and local execution of a BIP
  • mobility students receive sponsorship via Erasmus+ programme allowances: 70 € per day for the first 14 days and 50 € daily for days 15-30, respectively.
  • mobile teachers receive sponsorship from the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Programme.

The International Office is happy to support you, if you intend to conduct a BIP with your students, be it at HTW Berlin itself or at a partner university.