Family-friendly university

"Family in the University" Charter

HTW Berlin has signed the "Family in the University" Charter and is committed to:

  1. Improving the compatibility of work and family through provisions for flexible working hours and workplace organisation,
  2. Ensuring family-friendly study programme organisation through preferential course registration, alternative examination forms or part-time study options,
  3. Developing the range of childcare services by setting up the university’s own day care centre with a capacity for 70 children in cooperation with Studentenwerk Berlin,
  4. Embedding a family focus in the requirements profile for managers and HR staff of HTW Berlin,
  5. Networking through involvement in the “Berliner Bündnis für Familie” (Berlin Alliance for Families).

Best-practice club “Familie in der Hochschule e.V.”

HTW Berlin is also a member of the best-practice club "Familie in der Hochschule e.V.". The participating universities develop manuals aimed at making it easier to combine studying, work and family life.