Media library & language lab

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Spreeknie TGS Technology and Start-up Centre
Building 1b | Room 128
Ostendstraße 25, 12459 Berlin

The opening hours of the media library can be found under contact.

Work stations

The media library has 12 workstations.

  • Learning software is installed on a multimedia computer.
  • 9 workstations are available for improving your listening comprehension.
  • 2 televisions with satellite reception can be used to advance your language knowledge. You have the facility to watch foreign-language television programmes in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Arabic and to record programmes on your own DVDs.

Media library

The media library covers ten languages: German as a foreign language, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. Resources include:

  • Textbooks and exercise books that are used in the language courses
  • Audio and video cassettes — mainly to accompany course books
  • Dictionaries, grammar books, specialist books, materials relating to the different language learning components (listening comprehension, speaking skills, phonetics)
  • Language learning programmes for the PC
  • Reference books, dictionaries and information about various aspects of the language, culture and country
  • Newspapers, magazines and audio CDs

Most of the materials can only be used in the media library. If you would like to borrow learning media, you will need to show your identity card.


The media library is also the place where you can obtain certificates for successfully completed modules or confirmation of your attendance of a module upon production of your (student) ID card or by proxy with written authorisation.