Changing study programme or university

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Accreditation of previous modules and examinations and applying for a higher subject semester

If you have previously been or are currently enrolled at another German university, on the basis of your application HTW Berlin will assess

  • to what extent your previous modules and examinations can be accredited for your chosen study programme at HTW Berlin and
  • in which semester of your chosen study programme you can be placed.

The accreditation of modules and examinations is conducted by HTW Berlin on the basis of the current University Regulations (§ 18, Annex 3) and the Framework Regulations for Study Programmes and Examinations (§ 29, § 30).

A list of the necessary proof of modules and examinations for accreditation has been compiled for you here.

Check the online application for HTW Berlin to see for which study programmes you are eligible to apply for a higher subject semester. You can only apply if higher subject semesters for that study programme are offered as an option for you to select. Your eligibility will be assessed at HTW Berlin based on your submitted documents.

  • In study programmes of the same name, the numbering of the subject semesters will be continued.
  • In related study programmes, your accumulated credits will determine which subject semester you are admitted to.

If you apply for a higher subject semester, you increase your chances of admission to HTW Berlin. In many study programmes there are more free places for higher subject semesters than there are applications.

Please be informed that you also need to register via the HTW application portal within the application periods when you are interested in applying for a higher semester and applying for a study programme which requires an aptitude test and if you have previously been or are currently enrolled at another German university. Information regarding the required aptitude tests can be found on the degree programme websites.



What will be accredited?

Modules at another university or in another study programme will be accredited if

  • they were completed at a state-accredited university and
  • do not exhibit any substantial differences in terms of quality, level, learning outcomes, scope and profile.

The responsible subject assessor or module coordinator of your chosen study programme will check the equivalence of all

  • completed examinations/modules,
  • failed examinations/modules (grade 5.0) and
  • examination attempts.

This assessment forms the basis for the decision of the examination board.
Accreditation is awarded for

  • modules assessed as equivalent
  • modules taken abroad at university level
  • specialist foreign language modules

Accreditation is not awarded for

  • modules not assessed as equivalent
  • individual units (only complete modules are accredited).

Please mind that achievements, which are part if your university entrance qualification, cannot be considered for accreditation.

Can I opt out of accreditation?

In principle, all modules and examination attempts must be assessed for accreditation, even supposedly "unrelated study programmes". It is therefore not possible to start your studies right from the beginning again or improve your grades. However, you can opt out of accreditation for

  • modules or examinations that you completed abroad and
  • ungraded modules. In this case it is advisable to opt out of accreditation, as the subject will otherwise be accredited with the grade 4.0.

The accreditation opt-out declaration specifying the respective subjects must be submitted with the grade transcripts by the application deadline.

I have not completed any modules or registered for examinations

  • If you have not taken any examinations and/or
  • if you are not registered for any upcoming examinations,

confirmation of this fact must be obtained from the examinations office of your university and submitted by the application deadline.