Table of contents

Registering for examinations

Language modules are completed every semester with an examination. Please refer to the module description for the form and scope of assessments and examinations. You cannot repeat examinations that you have passed in order to improve your grade.

To take an examination, you need to register:

  • online via the LSF (applies to all Bachelor's students for accredited modules as specified in the study regulations).
  • during lessons (does not apply for study programmes with online examination registration for language modules, Public und Nonprofit-Management, guest listeners and guest students, and all students who have taken a module in addition to their curriculum). To prevent confusion, please state the five-digit examination number of the module, the name of the lecturer and the date and time of the examination.

For language modules you can normally choose between two examination periods. If you select the first examination date, if you fail the examination you can use the second examination date to repeat the examination. However, the choice of examination date may be set by the study programme.

Module certificates

Grades and the number of weekly study hours will be certified via a module certificate or automatically forwarded to the Examinations Office (this is generally the case for study programmes with online exam registration for language modules, Public and Nonprofit-Management, and exchange students). Module certificates can be collected in person or by proxy with written authorisation from the media library. If you wish to provide proof of your language studies, you must submit your module certificates to the Examinations Office (generally required by students on a Diplom study programme and other discontinued study programmes, guest listeners and guest students).


  • For most study programmes the grades will be provided online. This means that you can view your grades in the LSF.
  • You need to collect your semester certificates from the media library if you
    • are enrolled on a Diplom study programme,
    • are completing an old Bachelor's study programme,
    • have already completed your language modules specified by your programme and have now taken additional languages,
    • are on an exchange semester at HTW Berlin (your grades will be directly sent by the Foreign Languages Centre to the International Office).