Pre-study internship for Bachelor’s degree programmes

Table of contents

Practical experience before studying

A number of Bachelor’s degree programmes require a pre-study internship. The standard duration of the pre-study internship is based on a 40-hour working week. If you work for fewer hours per week, the length of the internship is extended accordingly.

Bachelor’s degree programme with pre-study internship

Important requirements

You will find the applicable requirements in the pre-study internship regulations for your chosen programme of study. Your pre-study internship coordinator for your study programme can answer any questions you may have.

Pre-study internship testimonial

  • If you have completed your pre-study internship before applying, enclose the internship testimonial with your application documents.
  • If you complete your pre-study internship after applying but before the semester begins, enclose your internship contract and/or an interim testimonial with your application documents. Your internship testimonial must be submitted when you enrol.
  • If you have only partly completed your pre-study internship by the beginning of the semester (with the minimum duration), enclose your internship contract and/or an interim testimonial with your application documents. You can complete the missing pre-study internship time during the first two semesters and provide proof in the form of an internship testimonial.
  • The pre-study internship testimonial is issued and signed by your employer. The testimonial must include the following points:
    • The nature of your work
    • Your areas of work
    • Your tasks
    • The duration of your internship in weeks and details of your average daily or weekly working hours
    • A training plan if applicable
  • Internship testimonials will be accepted in German and English. Testimonials in other languages require an officially attested German or English translation.

Vocational training as an alternative

If you have completed vocational training that is relevant for your chosen study programme, it is worth asking the pre-study internship coordinator whether this can be accredited in place of the pre-study internship.

Finding an internship

HTW Berlin does not organise internships. It is your responsibility to find an internship for yourself. The pre-study internship can also be completed abroad. If you are applying to HTW Berlin from abroad, it is advisable to have already completed your pre-study internship in your home country.