Second degree programme

Table of contents

When should you apply for a second degree programme?

If you have already successfully obtained an equivalent degree qualification (Bachelor) by completing a different study programme at a university in

  • Germany
  • an EU Member State or
  • another EEA country

your application will be considered under the preliminary quota for a second degree programme in accordance with the Berlin Higher Education Act.

When should you not apply for a second degree programme?

You should not apply for a second degree programme if you

  • completed your first degree abroad outside of the EU or EEA.
  • are applying for a higher academic degree (e.g. Master) than the one you already have (e.g. Bachelor).
  • have studied for one or more semesters but did not obtain an academic degree during your studies. This also applies if you have successfully completed your degree but are unable to provide a degree certificate by the application deadline.

Applying for a second degree programme

Fill in the online application.

The required documents can include the grade transcript from your first degree and a brief description of the study programme content. A full list of the documents which must be submitted will be generated at the end of your online application based on the information you provide. The listed documents must be submitted by the application deadline.

Accreditation of modules

When you submit your application, it will be assessed whether and to what extent previous modules from your first degree can be accredited. On this basis, you will then be placed in a certain subject semester.

  • For admission into the first subject semester, assessment is based on
    • the average grade of your first academic degree and
    • your motivation for the second degree programme (letter of motivation).
  • You will only be admitted to a higher subject semester if free places are available.

Information on which of your previous modules can be accredited is available from the study programme advisor of your chosen study programme.