Table of contents

When and where can I send in my application?

The application for the Advanced Master’s programmes can be sent directly to the respective study programme office via the online application form which is available on the programme website. More information about deadlines and selection criteria can also be found on the programme websites.

Application for other international programmes:
Nationals of European countries or member states of the European Economic Area and holders of a Bachelor’s degree obtained in Germany should use the HTW Berlin online application system. Non-EU/EEA applicants who did not complete their Bachelor’s degree in Germany should apply via Uni-assist. Further information about the application procedure can be found on the programme websites.

How do I know whether or not I am eligible to apply?

Please use the DAAD database on admission requirements to perform an initial check. You may also send your degree and grade transcript to the respective programme office. We will provide a preliminary eligibility assessment.

Do I need to speak German in order to apply for the degree programme?

No, all Advanced Master’s programmes are taught in English. German language skills may be required for other international programmes offered by HTW Berlin – please consult the respective programme website. However, although English is spoken widely in Berlin, being able to speak at least some German is very useful for daily life in Germany. It is advisable to start learning German as early as possible, particularly if you are intending to work in Germany after graduation. Most full-time jobs require at least C1 level (near-fluent) German, including positions within multinational companies.

How much does the degree programme cost?

The tuition fees vary depending on the programme and duration of study. You can find the exact costs on the respective programme website. The tuition fees include tuition and extracurricular activities offered by the programme office. Some extracurricular activities (e.g. language courses in the semester break) may be subject to an additional charge. In addition to the tuition fees, a semester fee exists which is paid for enrolment at all universities in Berlin. The semester fee includes the price of the semester ticket for public transport in Berlin.

Are there scholarships for the study programmes?

No scholarships are available in connection with the Advanced Master’s programmes at HTW Berlin. Those who wish to apply for a scholarship are advised to consult the DAAD scholarship database as a starting point.

Where can I find information about studying and working in Germany?

If you have plans to stay and work in Germany after graduation, we recommend that you gain as much information about life and employment here as you can. The following websites are excellent sources of information:

Where can I find information about starting life in Berlin?

Each student admitted to one of our programmes receives an information pack which includes information on the following aspects of life in Berlin, such as:

  • Finding accommodation
  • Enrolment
  • Applying for your student ID and public transportation ticket
  • Obtaining a health insurance policy
  • Registering with the Berlin authorities
  • Applying for the residence permit (as required)