Special cases

Table of contents

Changing study programme or university

You are already enrolled at a university and wish to change university and/or study programme, then please apply within the regular application period for your desired course of studies. When you submit your application, HTW Berlin will check to see whether you can provide proof of previous studies and examinations.

Second degree programme

If you are applying for a study place at HTW Berlin and have already obtained an academic degree of an equivalent value at a university within the European Union, your application will be considered under the study place quota for a second degree programme.

Special application

For a hardship case or disadvantage compensation to be considered for your application, you must be able to provide written proof of relevant health-related, social or family reasons.

Studienkolleg (university preparatory course)

If your foreign higher education entry qualification is recognised in your home country but not in Germany, you can complete a one-year Studienkolleg (university preparatory course) so that you are eligible to study at HTW Berlin.

Applying without a higher education entry qualification

If you have a vocational qualification, under certain conditions you may be able to study at HTW Berlin without a higher education entry qualification.

Guest listeners and guest students

You do not require a HTW Berlin student status in order to attend lectures.

Re-enrolling after stopping your studies

Do you wish to continue the study programme which you started at HTW Berlin but decided to stop for whatever reason? You can request a re-enrolment as you can read here.