Applying without a higher education entry qualification

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Even if you do not have a higher education entry qualification, you may still be able to study at HTW Berlin under certain conditions. You require a recognised vocational qualification and several years of professional experience. Either you have a

  • general higher education entry qualification that entitles you to apply for a study place on the study programme of your choice or a
  • specialist entry qualification that only entitles you to apply for a study place related to the subject area of your profession. If you are interested in a study programme in an unrelated subject area, you must prove your abilities in an aptitude test or an academic assessment test.

For precise details of the admission requirements, please see § 11 of the Berlin Higher Education Act.


Please fill in the online application form of HTW Berlin.

We will definitely require the following documents in case of enrolment:

  • vocational training certificate (chamber of commerce and vocational school certificate) and
  • proof of at least three years of professional experience in the form of testimonials from your employer or
  • vocational qualification certificate as a “Meister”, engineer, advanced vocational training

After sending your online application, you will be informed if you need to submit documents by the application deadline.

Admission procedure

As a rule, ten percent of the available study places on a study programme are allocated to vocationally qualified applicants. If you belong to this applicant group, you will only compete against other vocationally qualified applicants in the admission procedure. The average grade of your vocational training is the only deciding criterion. The better your average grade, the better your chances of securing a study place.


If you have been granted admission with a special entry qualification, you will be subject to certain conditions.