Clearing process

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Study places that are not accepted or are refused by applicants who have been granted admission will be re-allocated through the step-up process.

Master's study programmes have a university clearing process.

For Bachelors study programmes, free places will be offered in the coordinated clearing process in DoSV. The registration for the clearing process takes place in the application portal of Hochschulstart

Coordinated Clearing process for Bachelor’s study programmes in DoSV

In the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) all study places that are not accepted are continually re-allocated. If free study places are still available after this procedure has finished, you can register for the coordinated clearing process for these places at the portal of Hochschulstart.



Clearing process for Master's study programmes

In order to participate in this process, you must have received a notice of refusal in the main admission procedure.

The clearing process can take until after the beginning of the semester. Only when you can actually be offered a study place will you receive a notice of admission online in the application portal.

If you have not been granted admission, you will not be informed.