Guest listeners and guest students

Table of contents

General information

You can attend modules at HTW Berlin even if

  • you are not enrolled at a German university. To do this, you apply for admission as a guest listener.
  • you are enrolled at a different German university. To do this, you must apply for admission as a guest student.

Applications and admission

Submit either an

The application deadlines can be found in the academic calendar. Information on the application procedure is provided in the application for admission. Participating in modules as a guest listener is subject to fees.
Admission is based on the number of free places available and is only granted for one semester at a time. Please be aware that you can only be granted admission to attend a Master's study programme if you can provide documents proving that you have already obtained your first academic degree or are enrolled on a Master’s programme at a German university. Please attach these documents to your application for admission.

Module certificates

As a guest listener or guest student at HTW Berlin, you can obtain a module certificate for guest listeners and guest students [PDF] for the modules for which you are registered. You do not have any legal right to take examinations. However, you may be able to gain accreditation for the modules in which you participated when you apply for a study place.