Language modules

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Foreign languages for all study programmes

At HTW Berlin, a foreign language must be taken as a mandatory elective in all study programmes. The language requirements for Bachelor’s or Master’s study programmes are specified in the study regulations for your study programme. Check the study regulations to see

  • how many foreign language variants you can choose from — usually up to three alternatives, including an advanced foreign language,
  • how the language modules are divided between the semesters and
  • the minimum level that must be achieved in order to graduate.

Language modules during the semester

Refer to the study regulations for your study programme to see which foreign language options are available to you. The LSF will list the foreign language modules that you can currently select.

Intensive courses during the non-teaching period

In addition to language modules taken during the semester, students can also attend intensive courses during the non-teaching period:

  • Bridging and reactivation courses (without examination) to achieve the necessary entrance level for specialist foreign language modules
  • Intensive courses with examination, equivalent to modules taken during the semester
  • German courses (without examination) for exchange students before the semester begins

The list of intensive courses is usually released around mid-June for the summer semester and mid-December for the winter semester. If you have any questions, please contact the language team coordinators during their consultation hours.

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

The language levels offered at HTW Berlin are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and their equivalence can be compared Europe-wide.

HTW Berlin: Grundstufe 1 (Beginners’ level 1)CEFR: Level A 1
HTW Berlin: Grundstufe 2 (Beginners’ level 2)CEFR: Level A 2
HTW Berlin: Grundstufe 3 (Ba Beginners’ level 3) / UNIcert® I

CEFR: Level B 1

HTW Berlin: Mittelstufe 1 (Intermediate level 1)CEFR: Level B 1
HTW Berlin: Mittelstufe 2 (Intermediate level 2)CEFR: Level B 2
HTW Berlin: Mittelstufe 3 (Intermediate level 3) / UNIcert® IICEFR: Level B 2
HTW Berlin: Oberstufe 1 (Advanced level 1)CEFR: Level C 1
HTW Berlin: Oberstufe 2 (Advanced level 2)CEFR: Level C 1
HTW Berlin: Oberstufe 3 (Advanced level 3)CEFR: Level C 2

Advanced language variant

The advanced language variant prepares you for studying abroad or doing an internship in another country. In addition to the minimum number of language modules stipulated in your study programme regulations, this variant enables you to take additional language modules. If you are doing a Bachelor’s study programme, you can increase your language modules from 8 to 12 weekly study hours without having to take supplementary modules.

Accreditation of previous language modules

If you would like to apply for accreditation of language modules acquired before starting your study programme at HTW Berlin, submit an application for accreditation to the Admissions Office before the deadline for submitting documents. The application will then be forwarded to the Foreign Languages Centre for further processing. If you would like any subsequently passed language modules to be accredited, please contact the Deputy Manager of the Foreign Languages Centre.