Studienkolleg (university preparatory course)

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If your non-German education qualification does not entitle you to directly study in Germany and you can provide proof of an indirect higher education entry qualification, you will then need to take a final assessment test. Please check your higher education entry qualification.
If you have a specialist indirect higher education entry qualification, you are only permitted to apply for the Studienkolleg (university preparatory course) for this specific subject area. The subject area is determined by the subject that you studied in your home country or in which you completed relevant examinations. In Germany the subjects are divided into humanities / linguistics (G, S sometimes combined as G/S), social sciences and business/economics (W), technical subjects and sciences (T) and medicine and biology (M).

First complete the Studienkolleg, then take the final assessment test

The Studienkolleg is the university preparatory course and takes one year (two semesters) to complete on a full-time basis. Studienkollegs are offered in different subject areas all over Germany. A German language test equivalent to DSH-2 level is also integrated in the final assessment test. If you pass the final assessment test, you will attain the higher education entrance qualification for Germany and fulfil the German language requirement for university entry.

Studienkolleg at HTW Berlin

In cooperation with TU Berlin, HTW Berlin offers a subject-specific “Technology” preparatory course. Once you have passed the final assessment test for this Studienkolleg, you can apply for technical or design-based study programmes as well as for business and economics at HTW Berlin.

Applying via uni-assist

The following application deadlines apply:

  • 30 November for the upcoming summer semester
  • 30 June for the upcoming winter semester

If you wish to attend the Studienkolleg at HTW Berlin, you need to apply via uni-assist. 

  • We recommend to send all required documents as officially attested copies (with a seal of authentication and the signature of the authenticating person). A simple copy of your application documents is usually accepted when applying to HTW Berlin.
  • All application documents must be submitted in German or English. Documents in other languages must be submitted with an officially attested German or English translation, otherwise they will not be accepted. A list of officially authorised translators in Germany can be obtained from the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ, Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators).

Required documents:

  • School certificates and grade transcripts from your home country, e.g. school leaving certificate, higher education entry examination, grade transcript
  • Academic test centre certificate (APS) if you are from India , China, Vietnam or Mongolia
  • German language course certificate/beginners’ level B2, even if you wish to subsequently apply for a study programme conducted entirely in English, as German is the only language of instruction used in the Studienkolleg

How to apply correctly for the Studienkolleg

Enter the name of the study programme that you wish to take after you complete the Studienkolleg. It is important to specify the study programme, as this determines which course you complete in the Studienkolleg. It is important that you do not enter which particular Studienkolleg course you think you should take. Instead, you must enter the name of a study programme that the university actually offers in either a technical or business subject which corresponds with your specialist subject-related entry qualifications.

Answer the question of whether you are applying for a place in a Studienkolleg with “Ja/yes”. Regardless of what you enter here, uni-assist will assess your higher education entry qualification and determine whether you need to attend a Studienkolleg. Incorrectly answering this question will therefore have no effect on your application.