Master’s study programmes

Table of contents

Admission requirements

To apply for a Master’s study programme via the application portal of HTW Berlin

  • you must have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree or
  • you are currently in the final semester of your Bachelor’s degree programme and have already registered to write your final thesis. 
  • applicats with foreign certificates need a completed Bachelor`s dipolma.

A number of Master’s study programmes require a first academic degree with 210 ECTS. If you only have a degree with 180 ECTS, you can

  • request accreditation of professional experience after your first academic degree and/or subject-specific modules in the amount of the missing 30 ECTS or
  • be admitted on the condition that you complete certain additional modules or internships during the Master’s study programme in order to reach a combined total of 300 ETCS through your Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes.

Different additional selection criteria apply for different study programmes. The applicable criteria are listed in the Eligibility and Admission Regulations for each study programme.

Application documents

After you have filled out the online application form of HTW Berlin, the system will automatically generate a list of documents that you must submit. Please submit all documents by the application deadlines for Master’s study programmes.
Send your documents by email to bewerbungsunterlagen+<your applicant number> (e.g. All submitted documents are required in digital form and must be received by the application deadline.

If you completed your Bachelor's degree at HTW Berlin,

  • you do not need to submit any documents that relate to your studies at HTW Berlin. The Admissions Office already has this information.
  • You only need to submit documents that
    • relate to additional studies completed outside of your study programme at HTW Berlin (e.g. proof of relevant vocational training or subject-specific professional experience after your Bachelor’s degree)
    • are relevant for the selection procedure as specified in the Eligibility and Admission Regulations for your chosen Master’s study programme (e.g. proof of time abroad, letter of motivation, CV, personal profile, proof of English proficiency).
  • For a detailed list of the documents you need to submit, please refer to the document "Cover letters and documents to be submitted" in the application portal.

If you obtained your Bachelor’s degree at another university, please submit all of the documents listed in the document "Letter and documents to be submitted” in full. 

Applying during your final semester

If you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s study programme, select “Completed first degree” as the type of eligibility for admission in your online application and enter your provisional average grade and today’s date as your graduation date. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from HTW Berlin should enter a "4.0" in their online application instead of their preliminary average grade.
After being granted admission and enrolling, you must prove that you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s study programme by the following deadline:

  • 20 January if you start studying in the winter semester
  • 20 June if you start studying in the summer semester

If you have not obtained your Bachelor’s degree by the respective deadline, your enrolment on the Master’s programme will become invalid and you will be de-registered or re-assigned back to your Bachelor’s programme at HTW Berlin.
Once you have successfully obtained your Bachelor’s degree, you will then have to apply again for your chosen Master’s programme at HTW Berlin.