Accepting your study place

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Offer of admission via

If you have applied for admission-restricted Bachelor’s study programmes via the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DOSV), you will receive an offer of admission for up to 12 applications. Only once you have accepted an offer of admission on will the notice of admission be generated in the application portal of HTW Berlin and you can then enrol.

This does not apply if you have applied for the following study programmes:

  • Master’s study programme
  • Bachelor’s study programme with aptitude test
  • Bachelor’s study programme without admission restriction

Notice of admission

To accept your study place, you need to

Documents required for enrolment

The application for enrolment/acceptance declaration contains a list of outstanding documents that must be submitted by enrolment. This applies regardless of whether or not you are already enrolled on a different study programme at HTW Berlin.

  • The general deadline is the start of the semester:
    • 1 April for the summer semester
    • 1 October for the winter semester
  • Only exception: For Master’s study programmes the deadline for degree certificates which were not available at the time of application can be extended. This is stated in the acceptance declaration.

Please see the information on proof of health insurance.


When you have sent us your signed application for enrolment, paid the semester fee and submitted all documents required for enrolment, you will be automatically enrolled at HTW Berlin.

HTW StudentCard

After successful enrolment  we will send your login information for the Campus Management System (LSF) via E-Mail to you.

If you submit all the documents required for enrolment , you will receive a QR code in the Campus Management System to create an HTW StudentCard at the card terminals at the HTW Berlin.



Taking up your study place

For all study programmes conducted in German, the following deadlines apply for submitting all enrolment-relevant documents, receiving your login data for your HTW account and starting your studies:

  • 15 April for the summer semester
  • 15 October for the winter semester

For all study programmes conducted in English, extended deadlines apply:

  • 30 April for the summer semester
  • 30 October for the winter semester