Enabling and Financing Climate-Smart Land Use as a Strategic Component within National Forest Landscape Restoration Initiatives. (ClimaRestor)

This project provides an improved understanding of the way in which National Forest Land Restoration (FLR) initiatives can empower willing local forest-dependent communities to adopt Climate_smart Land Use (CSLU) on a landscape or jurisdictional scale. Existing literature suggests that an enabling policy environment, engaging local stakeholders at all stages of the process, and proper coordination of public finance in early stages to cover risks to make projects viable. However, is it truly so? The empirical evidence is rather limited and inconclusive.
The project addresses the following key question: To what extent can promoting climate-smart land use activities, particularly in the sectors of agriculture and forestry, as a part of integrated land-use plans for FLR initiatives derive socioeconomic benefits for local forest-dependent communities while contributing to the success of the FLR initiative itself?
As implementation of relevant initiative is context specific, the project focuses on Tansania as a case study.


1.10.2019 - 31.1.2020



fiat panis


Forschungsförderung/Forschungsprojekte fiat panis