TRIZ Games and Cases (Vol. 2) - Einsatz in der Lehre (TRIZ Games & Cases 2)


The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) has gained a high reputation for systematic problem analysis, solving and system forecasting. Its approach is unique - based on the analysis of a vast number of patents in the past – and so is its reputation by professionals, be it research, industry or consulting: they regard it as the best systematic tool available today to deploy creativity and boost inventiveness, especially in the frontend of the innovation process, where new concepts are required.

Fostering inventiveness is more probable, when there is space - for fun, coincidence, activity and bringing one’s knowledge to new combinations and connections with others. These aspects are covered with play. In order to more widely spread and deepen the knowledge of TRIZ, to attract more people to learn and practice TRIZ, and to trigger ideas on how it can be further developed, the approach of using games, cases and simulations is suggested. The editors therefore invite potential authors to share their recommended playful training elements and file them in a second manual type of book ("Volume 2") published by Synnovating GmbH in October 2020.


01.11.2018 - 31.10.2020



Synnovating GmbH


Bayern Innovativ GmbH,

BOSCH Engineering Component Advanced Concepts (PS-IG/ENC1) Esslingen,


Competence Centre OPINNOMETH Zweibrücken,

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growth factory Graz Österreich,

HS Aschaffenburg,

HS Kaiserslautern,

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PHILIPS, MCC ISE Eindhoven The Netherlands,

Synnovating GmbH Kaiserslautern,

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Westdeutsche Hochschule Zwickau,

ZMI Berlin.


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