EU Commission's Study on the effects of the implementation of the acquis on statutory audits of annual and consolidated accounts - Germany and Austria

The study will be conducted for all 27 Member States in the light of the two main objectives of the Eight Directive, namely (1) to optimise the quality of audits of annual accounts throughout the EU, thus increasing confidence in such reporting and improving the situation in the financial market, and (2) to establish a level playing-field for the accountancy sector within the internal market. The aim of this study is to identify the degree of implementation of the acquis and its impact on (a) the internal market for auditing, (b) the quality of the audits and investor protection and (c) the structure of the audit market. As part of a European team of researchers headed by ESCP Europe, Paris, this part of the project covers Germany and Austria. The conclusions of the European study will be taken over by the European Commission for its report to European Parliament on the evaluation of all national legislation transposing the Eight Directive and the future policy measures which might be proposed.


1.9.2011 - 31.10.2011



  • ESCP Europe Campus Paris