Institutional mismatch and SME internationalisation

Countries in Southeast Europe are integrating laws and regulations of the acqui communautaire into their own national legal framework as part of their EU accession process. These formal institutions, present an exogenous shock to the historically developed and rather rigid informal institutions. Eventhough there is some leeway to adopt the acqui communautaire, the match between these formal institutions and the existing informal institutions is at least questionable. Furthermore, it remains unclear which effects this local context has for the internationalisation of local SMEs, the capstone of Southeast Europe’s economy. Are companies rather pushed to internationalise to escape this local context (Stoian & Mohr, 2016), or do local companies even gain international competitive advantage through their experience in these mismatching local institutional contexts (Narooz & Child, 2017)? The theoretical basis of this research lies in Norths understanding the institutional environment (North, 1990), institutional voids (Khanna, 2002; Mair et al., 2012) and institutional asymmetries (Williams & Verley, 2015; Williams & Horodnic, 2016).


23.9.2019 - 23.9.2020



  • Matheus Martins Vieira