European Systemic Design Lab E+ Coop.Patrn (ESDL)


This project is about the support and contribution to the ongoing establishing process and administration of ESDL which is a platform for communication and cooperation within education, research, and development. The ESDL platform functions and connects on different levels.

Firstly it describes the cooperation between Oslomet, HTW, and EDNA as research and education partners. Secondly, each of these institutions brings in its local and national network to the cooperation within ESDL. These networks consist of municipalities and public offices, businesses, and research and education partners. The ESDL thus allows for the three initiating institutions to collaborate across with all other institutions and their pertaining networks.

The actors within these networks will be able to couple up with the other institutions and their networks, or directly with actors within the other networks within ESDL with support and cooperation with the local research and education institution. With this cooperation we offer our students an advanced, international learning platform and exchange within the field of Systemic Design. The upcoming generation of designers need to take responsibility about why, what and how we develop products and services. They are the actors for game changing and not just designers. Systemic Design can be uses to build circular business models that are made for call to action and not just analysis.

There is a big opportunity with new generations, who are already interested in intersectional work. Terms like Sustainability are not just “climate change”. It is segregation, colonization, globalization, need and greed, growth and decay. By an European systemic design perspective we can explore this and create new solutions for organizations of big cities like Nantes, Oslo and Berlin, giving municipalities new ways of organizing their activities in more sustainable ways.


01.09.2023 - 31.08.2026






  • Oslomet - storbyuniversitetet ecole de design nantes, Atlantique - Fr


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