Semester fee

The respective semester fee for the enrolment or re-registration is to be paid within the respective deadlines. This is done by bank transfer. You will not receive a separate payment request.

Table of contents

Regular on-campus study programmes and "Studienkolleg"

Administration charge 50.00 €
Beitrag zur Studierendenschaft
(gem. Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft i.V.m. § 20 BerlHG)
 12.50 €
Contribution for the Legal Student Body 54.09 €
Contribution to the semester ticket176,40 €

Contribution to the social fund for the semester ticket    -
Total amount
292.99 €
In case of late re-registration, an additional late fee will be charged.  19.94 €

Part-time and advanced study programmes