FAQs for students

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How do I register for modules in my first semester?

Full-time studies:

The special rule for first semester students applies. Your module places will be automatically registered for you according tothe standard registration plan. This means you have already been admitted for all modules prescribed for the first semester. You can change the standard registration plan as you wish.

Part-time studies:

If you are studying part time, it is up to you to put together your study programme plan. Questions relating to choosing modules should be addressed to your faculty administration or your study programme advisor.

What login and password do I use for registration?

Use the login data provided by the computer centre when you enrolled.

Do I register for all modules via the LSF?

No, there are certain modules that require a different form of registration. If this is the case, you will find further information in the LSF entry for the module under the heading "Hinweise zur Belegung" (information about registration).

Do I register for each module separately?

Yes, places are individually allocated for each mandatory registration module. In some cases you also need to register separately for multiple elements which together constitute a module i.e. lectures and practical exercises. If you are allocated a place for the lecture, you will definitely be allocated a place for the practical exercise activity as long as you have registered for it.

Why can I set priorities if there are multiple scheduled times for a module?

You can use the priorities to indicate which time you would prefer. If no places are available for the time you selected as your first priority, your second priority will be automatically taken into account. If you do not select a second priority, you will reduce your chances of receiving a place.

On what basis are places allocated?

Places are automatically allocated on the basis of a rank order.

What deadlines apply for module registration?

The module registration procedure is conducted in several phases. Please be aware of the deadlines.

Can I subsequently change my registration requests?

During phases 1 and 3 you can make as many changes as you want. The point in time when you submit your requests during these two phases has no influence on the allocation of places.

I am following the standard semester plan for my study programme. Where can I find an overview of compulsory and elective modules for my semester?

The programme plan provides a good overview. It can be found in the applicable study regulations.

Are there any rules for special cases?

Yes, for certain groups. For example, students with a child may be eligible for preferential module registration.

How do I find out about any changes to modules?

Your lecturer can send an email to all students that are on the registration list. Please note that this email will be sent to your email account at HTW Berlin.

Why is the button for registering and de-registering registration requests not active?

The module registration process is only available during certain phases. Outside of these time periods you cannot change your registrations yourself and must contact your faculty administration.

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