Special rules

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Module registration for new students

  • For your first subject semester you will be automatically registered for all compulsory modules including a standard variant foreign language. You can see this standard registration plan in the LSF under "Persönlicher Stundenplan" (personal timetable). For certain study programmes the plan is not available in the LSF until about a week before the semester begins. Please wait until then before asking any questions.
  • If you are studying part time, it is up to you to put together your study programme plan. Questions relating to choosing modules should be addressed to your faculty administration or your study programme advisor.
  • During phases 1 and 3 you can change your standard module registrations. However, if you do this, you will not longer have a guaranteed place. You have to de-register your place from the standard registration first and then apply for a new place together with students from all semesters.
  • You can register for supplementary modules and a second foreign language yourself subject to the availability of free places during phases 1 and 3.

Preferential module registration

You can apply for preferential module registration if you are studying at HTW Berlin and

  • have a child that is no older than 12 and lives in your household.
    If you are studying in Faculty 3, please submit your child's birth certificate or current registration certificate (“Meldebescheinigung”, date of issue within the last 12 months). If you are studying in another faculty, your child’s birth certificate is sufficient as proof.
  • are disabled. As proof please obtain a written recommendation from the disability officer.
  • are caring for relatives. Proof of your care activities and the amount of time is required.
  • are involved in competitive sports. Confirmation of your status can be obtained from the Central Unit Sports.

Register as usual in the LSF for the modules you wish to take. Then submit the following documents to your faculty administration at the latest by the end of phase 1 (up to and including 19.03.2024) — you are welcome to send these via email:

  • Proof that you belong to one of the abovementioned groups.
  • LSF print out of the modules for which you have registered (e.g. personal timetable).
  • You will then be admitted to these modules and will not participate in the automatic allocation of places. In exceptional circumstances, it may not be possible to allocate your requested places. If this is the case, the faculty administration will help you to find an alternative.

No online module registration

Instead of signing up for modules via the LSF, you can go to the first lesson and enter your name on the registration lists if

  • you are studying as a Diplom student according to the study regulations of an old Bachelor’s degree programme.
  • you have been granted admission as a guest listener or guest student or are studying as a student (on an exchange programme) from a cooperating institute at HTW Berlin. Guest listeners and guest students must contact the lecturer directly before the first lesson.

Module registration for incoming exchange students

If you are coming to HTW Berlin for an exchange semester, registration for modules will take place in advance during phase 1. During your introductory weeks, detailed information and dates can be obtained directly from the International Office.