Change in personal details

Please immediately inform HTW Berlin of any changes to ensure that any important notifications can be sent to you and to prevent incorrect certificates or documents from being issued. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to costs for re-issuing certificates or miss important deadlines.

  • If your name or marital status has changed, please use the ticket system of the Student Services department. Submit a copy (no attestation necessary) of the relevant documents as proof (e.g. marriage certificate) via e-mail — stating your study programme and student ID number — to Student Services.
  • If your address has changed, please alter this information yourself in the LSF portal under the menu item "Persönliche Daten ändern" (change personal details).
  • Trans students can apply to have their newly chosen first name changed in HTW Berlin’s databases prior to the change of name being processed by the court. To apply, please send an email or letter together with a copy of your DGTI supplemental ID to the Student Service Centre.
  • All other changes must be reported by e-mail to the Student Service Centre. Please state your study programme and student ID number and add relevant documents as proof.