Table of contents

De-registration at your request

If you wish to interrupt or terminate your studies, submit an application for de-registration (available in LSF) by e-mail from your HTW account to the Student Services department.

Retrospective de-registration is not possible. De-registration by request will be effective from your requested time:

  • at the earliest upon receipt of the application
  • at the latest with effect from the end of the current semester.

An official de-registration certificate and a certificate for your pension scheme provider will be sent to you by Students Services department.

Automatic de-registration

You will be de-registered without request if you

  • fail to re-register as required, e.g. if the required semester fee is not paid on time or is not paid in the full amount (not including late penalty fee) or you have not provided the necessary proof for your re-registration on time.
  • do not pass modules and examinations or the final examination.
  • pass your final examination (written thesis and oral examination). On the day you pass the final oral examination, you have successfully completed your study programme at HTW Berlin. De-registration will take place automatically. Approximately six to eight weeks after you have passed your final examination, the examinations office will inform you that you can collect your certificates and degree documents, including the official de-registration certificate and a certificate for your pension scheme provider.

Return the HTW StudentCard

If you de-register, your status as a student will end and also your right to possess the HTW student card (HSC). Please make sure any remaining credit is paid out to you and then return your HSC to the Student Services department.

A proof of destruction of the HSC by photograph of the HSC cut into pieces may also be accepted. The owner of the destroyed HSC should still be visible. Please attach this photograph to your e-mail with the application for de-registration.

Please note

  • If you de-register in the current semester, you are still entitled to take examinations even after you have de-registered. You can take examinations for the first time or repeat them. The repeatability period for modules and examinations will continue, as this semester will be counted as a repeat semester.
  • The same applies for studies in the final semester (exception: Public und Nonprofit-Management). If you have submitted your final thesis in the current semester and you only have the final oral examination left to do in the following semester, you do not need to re-register for the following semester. Even if you have de-registered, you can still take the final oral examination.
  • When you de-register, you are not long entitled to mandatory health insurance in the statutory health insurance system based on your student status. However, if you do not have any other form of health insurance, you are entitled to another month of cover from your statutory health insurance provider. After you have de-registered, please promptly contact your health insurance provider.
  • If you receive the German state student grant or loan (BAföG), inform the relevant authority (the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) immediately about your de-registration.

In case of de-registration before the beginning of the respective semester, you can apply for a reimbursement of the semester fee minus an administrative fee of 50 euros. 

In case of de-registration after the beginning of the respective semester, you can apply for a proportionate reimbursement of the semester ticket fee.