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Admission, enrolment, re-registration

After submitting their online application for a study programme, applicants can find the following application documents in the application portal:

  • Hardship Application
  • Application for Disadvantage Compensation — Average grade
  • Application for Disadvantage Compensation — Waiting Time

Students at HTW Berlin can find the following application documents in the LSF campus management system.

  • Cancellation of part-time studies
  • De-registration
  • Exemption from semester ticket
  • External leave
  • Grant from the social fund for semester ticket
  • Part-time studies
  • Replacement certificate

Attention!: Because of the current developments of the coronavirus outbreak, please send us your request and the proofs via email.

After the review it could be that, we ask you to hand in certified copies or originals later on.



The following request is available in LSF

  • Application for a hardship case

Final thesis