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You can have overpaid amounts refunded if, for example, you have paid a higher semester fee than necessary.


The application form is to be found in LSF. Send it filled and signed original (!) from your HTW mail account to the Student Service Centre.

If you have made more than one transfer, please send proof of all payments concerned with your request of reimbursement. Please make sure that the proof of payment is complete and expressive. Screenshots from bank portals usually do not contain all the required payment information and are therefore usually not accepted as proof.

Reimbursement after de-registration or withdrawal

Don't you want to study any more? You can apply for a reimbursement of the semester fee if you before beginning of the semester

Please note that we have to withhold the administrative fee and - if paid - the penalty for late re-registration, due to the administrative fee regulations.

Students, who can prove de-registration during the summer semester 2024, can apply for a partial refund.

Career-integrated and further education Master’s study programmes

If you do not commence your studies or if you withdraw within four weeks after the semester begins, half of the semester fee will be retained. If you terminate your studies at a later point in time, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement.