Supplementary modules

Table of contents

Compulsory and elective modules

Supplementary modules (AWE-Module) provide students with interdisciplinary skills. There are

  • Compulsory supplementary AWE modules (CM) and
  • Elective supplementary AWE modules (EM), which in turn are categorised as either


The regulations for your study programme specify which variants you can choose between:

  • Variant 1: Foreign language modules (specialist language level) and non-language modules. For non-language modules you can choose between the supplementary modules (AWE) offered by the faculties. The following restrictions apply:
    • The selected supplementary module must not contain any content directly covered by your main programme.
    • You can only take supplementary modules with restricted admission if there are still free places available.
  • Variant 2: First foreign language (specialist language level) and second foreign language (usually from basic level).
  • Variant 3: Advanced first foreign language (specialist language level and advanced level).

Accreditation of supplementary modules (AWE)

If no information on accreditation is provided in the module information, please note that the examination board for your study programme will decide whether a supplementary module from another faculty will be accredited.