Student grants and loans (BAföG and Bildungskredit)

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Student grant and loan (BAföG)

The best-known state subsidy for financing studies is BAföG. In Berlin, the studierendenWERK Berlin is responsible for related counselling and applications.                                                                                                                

Hints and tips on applying for a BAföG study grant:                                                          

Bildungskredit (education loan)

In advanced semesters, you can apply for a student loan from the federal Government and the KfW, for example. In contrast to the BAföG study grant, the student loan is granted regardless of income and assets and must be repaid in full with interest.                                                      

The CHE Student Loan Test, published by the Centre for University Development (CHE), has summarised the other student loan options available to you and aspects requiring particular attention when researching loans.

We recommend that students only take out a student loan if they are unable to meet their living expenses via their own funds, parental support, a BAföG study grant, scholarships or income from a part-time job. In view of current developments in the field of interest rates, you should examine your credit options even more closely in order to be able to assess the risk of debt realistically. In any case, you should seek independent advice on this, e.g. from the Social Counselling Service provided by the studierendenWERK Berlin.