Dual enrolment

Table of contents

Taking two study programmes simultaneously

Duel enrolment means taking two study programmes simultaneously in order to obtain two separate degree titles. You can take the two study programmes at the same university or study at two different universities in Berlin and Brandenburg. Before taking two study programmes simultaneously, you should think about this carefully — the average workload for a study programme at HTW Berlin is equivalent to a 40-hour work week.


  • If you apply for two NC (restricted admission) study programmes at the same time and are granted admission to both, you can only choose one study programme. The option of dual enrolment is excluded in this case.
  • If you are already enrolled on a study programme and apply for another NC (restricted admission) study programme, you will only be granted admission providing other applicants are not excluded as a result (Section 14 no. 2 of the Berlin Higher Education Act).


Apply for your chosen study programme as normal to HTW Berlin by the application deadline. Only after you have been granted admission for the study programme can you then apply for dual enrolment.

Documents for enrolment

If you are enrolled at HTW Berlin and are re-registering for the new semester, submit the following documents by the respective deadlines:

  • The Declaration regarding the exercise of membership rights [PDF]. You only pay the semester fee to the university where you will be exercising your membership rights.
  • If you will not be exercising your membership rights at HTW Berlin, please provide proof that you have paid your semester fee at the other university.
  • A current enrolment certificate for the other university.
  • For dual enrolment on two Bachelor’s degree programmes: proof that the Bachelor’s study programme at the other university is not an NC (restricted admission) study programme.