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What functions does the HTW StudentCard offer?

The HTW StudentCard combines a number of important functions in a single card with the same format as a credit card:

  • Student ID card
  • Canteen (Mensa) card with payment function
  • Payment for printing and copying services The canteen credit is to be considered separately from the credit for copying and printing quotas. Use the old CopyCard machines for the upgrade. Old CopyCards remain valid.
  • Library ID card for HTW Berlin. Your previous ID card will become invalid.

Why is there no semesterticket anymore?

The semester ticket was negotiated between the HTW student body and the VBB transport association. The negotiations for the winter semester 2023/24 have failed. This means that there will be no semester ticket through the HTW for the time being. This may be different at other Berlin universities. Even if the VBB logo is still printed on the StudentCard for the 2023 summer semester, it is not a proof of a semester ticket after 30.09.2023.

In order for your StudentCard to serve as proof of your student status to third parties, you must validate it every semester even without a semester ticket.

Why do I need a photo on the card?

The HTW StudentCard is fully functional even without a photo. However, without a photo, the card is only valid in combination with an official form of photo ID.

What do I do when the current semester ends and the next semester begins?

If you already have an HTW StudentCard, you only need to re-validate it. The card can be validated as soon as your re-registration has been successfully completed. You can check your current re-registration status in the LSF system at any time.

Will I get a new ID card every semester?

No. Your HTW StudentCard is only issued to you once and it is to be used for the duration of your studies at HTW Berlin. You are required to re-validate the card every semester.

When can I validate the card for the next semester?

You can validate your card as soon as your re-registration has been successfully completed. You can check your current re-registration status in the LSF system at any time.

Can I also use the semester ticket during the non-teaching period?

If your semester fee (including the semester ticket fee) has been received for the following semester and you have validated your card for the current semester, you can continue to use the semester ticket.

Will there be a large queue because all students have to validate their cards?

HTW Berlin operates four card terminals and there are two on each campus. To avoid peak times and long periods of waiting, we recommend that you validate your HTW StudentCard as soon as possible after payment of your semester fee has been received.

Do I also have to validate the StudentCard at HTW Berlin during my internship semester?

If you need your card as proof of a valid student ID card or wish to use your VBB semester ticket, you need to validate your HTW StudentCard on campus at one of the validation terminals of HTW Berlin.