Card terminals

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There are two different types of card terminals for managing your HTW StudentCard:

Card issuing terminals

Use the QR code to obtain your StudentCard from one of the card issuing terminals. You need to use a card issuing terminal for the following purposes:

  • Your first StudentCard: If you are a new student, you will find your personal QR code in the “LSF” campus management system under the menu item: “QR-Code StudentCard”. Log in to the LSF system via your central HTW account. You will receive the login details for this in a welcome email which will be sent to your private email address. Note: The LSF system does not use the same login details which you used for your online application.
  • To issue a replacement card because it has been lost or if the card is defective (please get a new QR code from the Student Service Centre).


Card issuing terminals